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Command Script Manager

"It takes all sorts of people to make a world" [Oliver Hardy, in: Laughing Gravy]

If you use command file scripts, whether batch files, powershell scripts or visual basic scripts in the world of Windows, you must be an administrator, a software developer or, help me, a clever secretary.

Well I do, and I do have about a hundred and thirty scripts on several places on disk. The effect is...

  • You have to search the script, at least to navigate to it, or else make the desktop full with links.
  • Especially for rarely used scripts, you have to remember its name and what the script exactly is for.
  • Often used and important scripts, need to be at an exposed position, they should be reliably ready within a few clicks.
  • Anyway, at your screen, for all of them, there function is still documented by its long speeking filename only.

"The right tool makes it easy" [ancient wisdom]

And there we are! The Command Script Manager was born. This little pinion is now on its way. It claims to be a productivity tool for anybody who is using Batchfiles, Command line scripts, Visual Basic Scripts or PowerShell Scripts.

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